long absence and future directions

It’s been about eight months since I last posted on this blog. Part of the reason is that this winter has been difficult for me personally. I have been and still am facing a lot of changes in my career path and my social life. Navigating these has sapped the excess energy I put into reading and poetry last summer.

Over this time, I’ve done some more thinking about exactly how I’m using this blog. Though my training is in physics research, I have an interest in writing that I would like to develop, potentially even into a profession such as science communication. It would be nice to have a space to test out my skills by writing some summaries and responses to topics that I find interesting. My first impulse was to post such things here, using tags and categories to distinguish them from my other content. However, as I’ve been looking around the web I’ve noticed that successful blogs are not catch-all containers for writers to post just anything. Good blogs and sites are organized around a topic or a theme, so that readers who come to a particular blog can reliably find a certain kind of content. I realize that it would be better for me to maintain multiple blogs for my different interests than to post everything to the same blog.

This blog is named after a line in one of my favorite poems, so I plan to keep it for poetry and other miscellaneous creative whimsy. I may post other content on another WordPress blog, or I may find some other online communities that would be appropriate for other interests. As I branch out, I plan to put together an about page or profile page of some sort that will link to these different things.

If you’re a blogger or a writer, I’d love to hear your opinion on this. Let me know in the comments how you organize your own content and if you’ve found advantages or disadvantages to different approaches. Thanks for reading!


Long absence

I haven’t posted on this blog in a while. Some combination of job stress, a new relationship, and general laziness has kept me away. I’ve also found a new outlet for my interest in poetry, as I’ve been attending the weekly poetry open mic at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe off and on. Still, I like the idea of having a place to post poems online, and I might like to write more reaction and discussion pieces about interests I have, so I want to maintain this space.

I’m also giving some thought to adding some things, like an about page. When I created it, I kept the blog looking pretty anonymous, but now I’m thinking this is mostly counterproductive, since a random reader who stumbles across me can’t know anything about me. I’m not going to promise yet when I’ll get this done, but I am definitely thinking about it.

6 months after PRK

Near the beginning of June this year I had laser eye surgery to correct my vision. The type of surgery I had is called PRK; it differs from LASIK in that no flap is cut in the cornea, which has long-term benefits but also leads to a longer recovery time in the short term.  It took probably three weeks until I was really comfortable reading on a regular basis, and there’s been a slow and steady improvement since then.

Overall, I love it!  I can read shampoo labels in the shower now, and I can buy cheap sunglasses and experiment with different styles.  It’s nice not to have to worry about lenses on my face and whether they’re clean.  Sex is much better without glasses, too.  Even if your lover likes how you look with them on, it’s really awkward when they get in the way in certain situations, so it’s really nice to be able to see without them.

I just got out of a follow-up appointment with my optometrist. Apparently I still have some measurable astigmatism and farsightedness (I used to be nearsighted, so that’s different), but it’s so minor that if I walked in as a new patient, he wouldn’t see the point of even considering prescribing me lenses.  I do wish I had superhuman laser vision that could pick out a gnat from a mile away, but I’m pretty happy with what I got.

Awesome furniture

I had a blast in the Big Apple this past weekend with my friend Peter.  We saw lots of awesome things, but one of the coolest was this temporary exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Not only are these pieces of furniture exquisite works of art, but they have secret compartments and intricate movements reminiscent of Nicholas Cage movies.  Seriously, if you’re in New York before 27 January 2013 you need to check this out.  The best part is that it’s at the Met, so admission is cheap.  Definitely worth it!

Kids can be awesome

A friend of mine runs an inclusive sexuality education program called “Our Whole Lives” at a local Unitarian church.  She invited me to be on a panel of LGBTQ folk tonight for their middle school class.  I and the others shared short versions of our stories: discovering ourselves, coming out, dealing with friends, family, and society at large.  The kids asked us questions about shopping and what we liked to do for fun.  They shied away from difficult issues a bit, but it was also nice to see they were interested in getting to know us as people.

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