Awesome furniture

I had a blast in the Big Apple this past weekend with my friend Peter.  We saw lots of awesome things, but one of the coolest was this temporary exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Not only are these pieces of furniture exquisite works of art, but they have secret compartments and intricate movements reminiscent of Nicholas Cage movies.  Seriously, if you’re in New York before 27 January 2013 you need to check this out.  The best part is that it’s at the Met, so admission is cheap.  Definitely worth it!


Cloud Atlas: best brain massage ever

The best way I can relate my experience watching Cloud Atlas is to compare it to a one night stand.  The movie is like a friendly person who is pretty plain, not unattractive, but not the best you think you can do for yourself.  You go home with them because of your own desire to have company more than because of anything compelling about them.  Then, when the lights are out and things get going, you find out they’re absolutely amazing in bed.  For me Cloud Atlas was an unexpectedly great mental shag.

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