long absence and future directions

It’s been about eight months since I last posted on this blog. Part of the reason is that this winter has been difficult for me personally. I have been and still am facing a lot of changes in my career path and my social life. Navigating these has sapped the excess energy I put into reading and poetry last summer.

Over this time, I’ve done some more thinking about exactly how I’m using this blog. Though my training is in physics research, I have an interest in writing that I would like to develop, potentially even into a profession such as science communication. It would be nice to have a space to test out my skills by writing some summaries and responses to topics that I find interesting. My first impulse was to post such things here, using tags and categories to distinguish them from my other content. However, as I’ve been looking around the web I’ve noticed that successful blogs are not catch-all containers for writers to post just anything. Good blogs and sites are organized around a topic or a theme, so that readers who come to a particular blog can reliably find a certain kind of content. I realize that it would be better for me to maintain multiple blogs for my different interests than to post everything to the same blog.

This blog is named after a line in one of my favorite poems, so I plan to keep it for poetry and other miscellaneous creative whimsy. I may post other content on another WordPress blog, or I may find some other online communities that would be appropriate for other interests. As I branch out, I plan to put together an about page or profile page of some sort that will link to these different things.

If you’re a blogger or a writer, I’d love to hear your opinion on this. Let me know in the comments how you organize your own content and if you’ve found advantages or disadvantages to different approaches. Thanks for reading!