Why am I starting a Blog?

Good question.

I have started several blogs in the past.  I think my first, deep in the dark days of dialup, was on Xanga.  I thought that site was gone, but it turns out it’s still kicking.  I am quite sure that I posted nothing of worth on it, so I don’t have any motivation to go and dig it up again.

Later, once I was a Gmail acolyte and Google acquired Blogger, I started in on that.  I started one blog to document my semester in Germany, another about my mission trip to Cairo, and later, on another account, a blog to collect my (mostly political) opinions.  I’ve finally gotten tired of Blogger, and I think it would be good not to have my entire online presence hosted by Google, so I’m branching out.

That’s not the whole story of why I’m starting a new blog instead of reviving an old one, though.  Mostly I’m just a different person than I was in earlier periods.  Honestly, if you haven’t known me that long, I’d just as soon have you not follow any of those links above.  Some of the stuff in them is a bit embarrassing; they’re mainly linked because I don’t want to be the type to deny who I have been. I’ve also rethought my purpose since the last time I took up this sort of thing.  For my last blog, I thought I needed a soapbox to get all my ideas of my chest.  I don’t think that’s the best use of my time, though.  Mostly I need a space to say “Hey!  This is cool!” in more than 140 characters.  It needs to be random, somewhat creative, and above all have low expectations.  Seriously, if this makes more than a dozen posts it’ll be a new lifetime record.  My past attempts have all been lamely abortive.

Like all blogs written by us commoners in the lowest caste of notoriety, this one is mostly here for my own benefit.  If anyone else enjoys what I post here, it will be an ancillary and mostly unintended bonus.


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